• Leshem


    A passion for the hospitality industry brought two massively experienced hoteliers together.

Leshem Hotels provide affordable, efficient, and quality hotel project development and management. Leshem takes clients from the planning stages of development and works with them through hotel opening and management. Leshem implements projects based around the specific needs of each client and provides clients with all necessary services under one roof. 
The Leshem Hotels does it all – under one roof
Hotel consultancy services to owners, operators, brands, developers, lenders and investors.
1. Management and Marketing
2. Repositioning
3. New Construction and Renovation
4. Tech Services
5. Brand Management and Development of management companies
6. Business Plans
7. Performance Management and Training Solutions
8. Banking and Finance
Make a difference - help clients unlock the strategic value in their hotel businesses.
Success through the implementation of cutting-edge operations and marketing solutions. 
Unbiased analysis of your organization.
Follow up with partnership toward the achievement of targeted goals.
Further enhance profitability and momentum of properties while maintaining cost control.
Provide the link between properties and consumers
Minimize the chance of project failure - we know the industry
Apply innovative ideas to build and sell your product
Actual hands-on operational, marketing and development experience.
Troubleshoot and reposition existing operations.
Planning and developing new properties.
Bring in a "fresh set of eyes" and a new, different perspective.
Avi Shvecky and Eran Kviatek have worked in the industry for more than 50 years.
Avi Shvecky: Avi Shvecky earned his degree in hotel management in Israel and an MBA from the University of Derby (UK). He has amassed a wealth of experience opening and managing hotels around the world in over five countries. Shvecky's dynamic leadership, extensive background in real estate management, and personalized approach to building hotels around the specific needs of his clients has made him popular with industry leaders such as Hyatt Regency, Sheraton, and Wyndham worldwide Hotel Group. 

Eran Kviatek: CPA, started his professional career as an economist and a member of the Giza Company, specializing in accounting at KPMG (Somekh Chaikin) and EY Israel (Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer) . Eran holds a Bachelor's degree in economics and a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Tel Aviv University and is a certified CPA on behalf of the Board of Certified Public Accountants.
In 2013, after five years as CFO and Deputy CEO of the Rimonim Hotels chain, Eran was appointed CEO of the chain, a position he held for four years.
Eran has extensive experience in the hotel industry both financially and operationally. He is very familiar with the banking industry and has extensive experience in managing large, multi-activity systems and employees.

Kobi Tal- Chain Operating Manager
Married + two, holds a BA in business management and interior design, started his professional holier career 25 years ago.
Kobi has served as senior manager in Isrotel Hilton and Crown Plaza hotels chains.
During the past years, Kobi was involved in the development and construction of hotels while developing concepts for the Food and Beverage Division in Isrotel hotels, including Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Bereshit Hotel, Cramim Hotel, and the Lago Convention Center in Rishon Lezion.
Since working in Leshem, Kobi has opened and built hotel departments at the Ramada Hadera, Ramada Nazareth and the Trip Bat Sheva hotel in Jerusalem.