Facilities Ramada Olivie Nazareth

"Saffron" The hotel restaurant

The ‘sabah alkhyr’ (good morning) greeting welcomes guests at the Ramada Olivie Nazareth, followed by the 'ptor baladi' - the Galilean breakfast of Nazareth cuisine - local, with fine ingredients straight from the market and the fields. The hotel restaurant welcomes its guests with whiffs of baking, fresh hyssop and homemade labneh. Guests arriving for dinner are welcomed by 'Shalom Alikum' - a variation combining Hebrew and Arabic, followed by an unforgettable dinner offered by the hotel's “Saffron” restaurant! The meal boasts plenty of wonderful salads from the Arab cuisine, including 'Tabula' and 'Patosh' salads, old homemade dishes and traditional stuffed vegetables next to quality ballad-flavored meat, seafood straight from the fishermen to the kitchen and all with abundance, variety and love of culinary.
Hours: Breakfast: 7:00-10:00 Dinner: 18:30-20:30

Sultana Roof-Top Bar

The top-floor rooftop overlooks the old city and the surrounding landscape, this is a place to soak up the view and relax.
Sultana Bar is inspired by the modern East, featuring contemporary and local music. In an authentic atmosphere, a belly dancer appears in a traditional colorful costume to the sounds of darbuka.
Sultana Bar offers a selection of spirits including wines, cocktails and beers, alongside small and unique dishes.

Pool Complex

Spending time in the pool complex is an especially favorite part of a perfect vacation.
The pool complex is sheltered and the pool is heated during the winter months. There are seating and relaxation areas for guests' enjoyment, a large and pampering Jacuzzi, a dry sauna and a wet sauna.
Hours of operation: 7:00-22:00 (subject to change) 

Jasmine Spa

A unique spa experience in the prestigious spa complex including a variety of professional spa treatments combined with products from leading care companies in the world. Packages combining several treatments and romantic packages may be booked. Spa guests are invited to enjoy the spa facilities: indoor heated pool, jacuzzi and saunas.  
To book a treatment, dial 04-8878893 for the treatments menu >>


Health is important anywhere and at anytime. Even on vacation one can maintain a healthy lifestyle and work out in a well-equipped and modern gym.On weekdays guests are invited to join the classes at no extra charge, subject to availability.
Gym operating hours 7:00-22:00

Locanda - Restaurant

Italian food and Arab food in a love story that mustn’t be missed!
Locanda restaurant brings together two cuisines, and the result is particularly surprising: skip between a tabula salad and a caprese salad or between saficha and focaccia and try the carpaccio with the Arabian twist.
The restaurant is located on the Nazareth ridgeline and overlooks spectacular view of the Old City - a perfect location that offers a pastoral and relaxing atmosphere from dawn till dusk.