Banquet and Conference Halls Ramada Ramat Gan

Ramada 1 Conference Hall, 3rd floor

140 guests Cocktail
100 guests Theater setting
60 guests Royal table
70 guests Tables
50 guests Lecture hall

Ramada 2 Conference Hall, 3rd floor

Cocktail 110 guests
Theater arrangement 70 guests
Royal table 50 guests
Round tables 50 guests
Room arrangement 40 guests
Class arrangement 30 guests

Ramada 1+2 combined conference hall, 3rd floor

This hall is a combination of the "Ramada 1" and "Ramada 2" halls and is formed by opening the partition between the two.
Cocktail 250 guests
Theater arrangement 220 guests
Round tables 150 guests
Class arrangement 90 guests

Ramada 3 Conference Room, 3rd floor

Theater arrangement 30 guests
Royal table 20 guests
Round tables 22 guests

Second floor - HUB - meeting rooms

Two meeting rooms bound by glass walls which are part of the hotel's HUB
Each room has a Royal table for 8 guests
Each room with round tables accommodates 8 guests

16th floor - Rooftop with 360-degree view

Cocktail 100 guests
Round tables 50 guests