Shabbat Chatan in Hotel Ramada Ramat Gan

Ramada Ramat Gan invites you to celebrate the most endearing family moments in a special atmosphere, with exclusive meals, a stylish menu and innovative flavors.
Treats for customers:
  • A pampering suite for the bride and groom with a VIP package - fruit champagne and a grooming gift.
  • Private assembly hall (for those booking 25 rooms or more).
At the Ramada Ramat Gan Hotel, Shabbat Chatan events can be held for up to 100 guests.
The hotel offers Shabbat Chatan guests the pleasures of its services: the rooftop pool on the 16th floor and use of the hotel's HUB on the second floor.
The adjacent synagogue transforms your event into a comfortable and pleasant experience.
A coffee stand is at your disposal, as well as hot drinks and light refreshments for pampering before the prayer.
The hotel staff is at your disposal and is prepared for various options such as reversing meals, extra contentments and the like.
It is also possible to book a Shabbat Chatan event separately, with meals only (Friday evening or Saturday lunch), with or without accommodation as well as inviting external guests to the hotel for the various meals.
Special dishes (gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan) can be pre-ordered.
A hand-washing stand is at your disposal, as well as a stand for lighting Shabbat candles, Havdalah candles etc. *According to the regulations attached to the contract.